• Starcraft 3

    Starcraft 3 is an impossible dream but we will have one RTS game

    Some of the Blizzard studio legends now work at an independent studio association and you will have RTS from the hand of the former team but no Starcraft 3. Blizzard has some of the most beloved franchises in the industry, but in recent years it has rearranged its priorities. Overwatch, Diablo, and Warcraft are cultivable, while the rest are left in limbo. Among those IPs is Starcraft, a true RTS icon rooted in the company’s most tender era. But then again, there seems to be no gap between parent company Activision Blizzard’s plans. Be it Starcraft or a traditional Warcraft, according to a recent report by Jason Schreier for Bloomberg,…

  • New World

    New World MMO shows an idyllic region with a powerful PvP fortress

    Amazon’s MMO New World has presented the Windkreis (Windsward) region in more detail in a kind of mini-documentary. There are all kinds of places for players to explore. In New World you will travel to the mysterious island of Aeternum, which offers plenty of opportunities for voyages of discovery with different regions. Now the developers have published a small sightseeing flight over the Windkreis region. In the video, a narrator reports on the idyllic landscapes that await you in Windkreis, but also on the dangers that lurk there. Among other things, there is a settlement, a fortress and a mysterious temple. This is in the Windkreis region The video shows…

  • Destruction AllStars

    Destruction AllStars: Bots, revised playlists and more planned

    In an official overview, the developers Lucid Games speak about the upcoming content and updates that the action racing game Destruction AllStars will get in the next few months. Among other things, bots and revised playlists are promised. After the first season of Destruction AllStars started at the beginning of the month, which brought various new content and challenges with it, the developers at Lucid Games are already working on further improvements. According to their own statements, the makers of Lucid Games are taking the feedback of the players to heart when working on the next updates and would like to take care of the balancing of “Destruction AllStars”, among…

  • call of duty warzone rambo

    Call of Duty has banned more than 350.000 players for racist and toxic behavior

    Activision seeks to eradicate any type of hate speech or conduct such as sexism or harassment in Call of Duty. Activision has been fighting hard against the cheating and harmful players of the Call of Duty ecosystem, especially for a few months now and in the face of the enormous success that Warzone has become. In fact, the company has been sharing its achievements in this area on a recurring basis in order to keep players informed. And now they bring us a new update with which they show us the enormous commitment they have towards their community. Through a new report, Activision reported that they banned more than 350,000…

  • BioWare

    What are the worst and best BioWare games according to critics?

    We review more than 25 years of BioWare history through the average score that the specialized press has given to their projects. Yesterday, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition for PS4, Xbox One and PC arrived in worldwide stores, a collection with the three titles of BioWare’s science fiction games that, in addition to compiling the original trilogy, also carries out an in-depth review graphic, technical and playable to give it a modernized look. On the occasion of this long-awaited premiere, we wanted to remember more than 25 years of BioWare history, a developer that began its journey in the video game industry with Shattered Steel, a mecha simulator published in 1996…

  • Bioshock Infinite

    Bioshock Infinite developers talk about their disastrous development

    Bioshock Infinite suffered numerous setbacks during its development and some workers involved in it have shared their experiences with the Irrational Games title. Bioshock Infinite was one of the most awarded and acclaimed video games of 2013 for its great quality in all aspects. The game, directed by creative Ken Levine, managed to win the hearts of audiences with the complexity of its story, how charismatic its characters were, and the imposing, beautiful and vibrant floating city of Columbia. Recently, an excerpt from Jason Schreier’s book, Press Reset: Ruin and Recovery in the Video Game Industry, has been published on Polygon. The book is a very complete investigation about the…

  • Articles

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Gameplay and Comparisons

    We will tell you everything you need to know about Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which will include all three games and all their DLC with improved graphics for PS4, Xbox One and PC. After a long wait, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is closer than ever. BioWare’s science fiction saga returns to our consoles and computers in an edition that collects the original trilogy completely remastered, with new effects and all the extra content in the same package . Next, we tell you everything we know about the new launch so that you have the information at hand and that it helps you decide whether to buy it or not. Mass…

  • Resident Evil 8

    Frankenstein’s Army director accuses Capcom of plagiarizing

    Frankenstein’s Army director accuses Capcom of plagiarizing the design of one of his creatures for Resident Evil Village without authorization. It is not always easy to find inspiration, especially in a genre as crushed as horror. Getting out of the hat a creature that is original or charismatic is not something that comes out just like that, hence it is usual to be inspired by the classics, contributing other ideas or pulling lesser-known films. And now Capcom has a problem with Resident Evil Village. It all comes as a result of Richard Raaphorst’s comment from LinkedIn, where the director of the 2013 film Frankenstein’s Army, says that the Japanese company…