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Biomutant – First patch make changes based on player feedback

Experiment 101 is currently working on the first patch for the open world RPG Biomutant. You can find out what to expect with this in this article.

The developers of Experiment 101 have announced that the first patch for Biomutant will bring significant improvements. They don’t have an exact date yet, but the update should be made available soon. In addition to numerous bug fixes, players can look forward to some adjustments that have taken community feedback into account.

Numerous game elements are tackled

The developers revealed on Twitter: “We are working on the tempo of the dialogues, speaker settings, difficulty settings, video settings such as depth of field and motion blur, prey and enemy tuning as well as sound and combat.”

The patch will contain a wide range of improvements and is intended to provide an improved gaming experience. All of the listed aspects have been criticized from many sides, which is why disappointed players should give the title a chance after the patch has been released.

Most likely, the patch will appear on the PC sooner. As soon as the release date has been announced and the official patch notes are available, we will inform you immediately.

Unfortunately, Biomutant could not convince the international press and achieved a MetaScore of only 63 points. The reasons for this include the repetitive gameplay, performance problems and the mediocre gameplay.

This is an open world role-playing game in which you are allowed to explore a 64 kmĀ² game world. An unparalleled martial arts combat system gives you the opportunity to fight your opponents both from a distance and at close range. A number of mutations can be used to further enhance your skills.

Biomutant has been available for PS4, Xbox One and PC since Tuesday. A PS5 version will appear at a later date.

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