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Call of Duty has banned more than 350.000 players for racist and toxic behavior

Activision seeks to eradicate any type of hate speech or conduct such as sexism or harassment in Call of Duty.

Activision has been fighting hard against the cheating and harmful players of the Call of Duty ecosystem, especially for a few months now and in the face of the enormous success that Warzone has become. In fact, the company has been sharing its achievements in this area on a recurring basis in order to keep players informed. And now they bring us a new update with which they show us the enormous commitment they have towards their community.

Through a new report, Activision reported that they banned more than 350,000 Call of Duty user accounts in the last year for issues related to racism (such as the use of inappropriate or offensive names) and toxic behavior. These expulsions include several current games in the franchise such as Warzone, Modern Warfare, Black Ops: Cold War and COD Mobile and were carried out largely with the support of the players who reported cases like these.

Obviously keeping the gaming environment clean and friendly is a daunting task, but Activision continues to work to make this a constant. That is why in recent months they have deployed new filters that can more easily identify those profiles or clans with names and / or information that may be offensive; implemented technology that recognizes and filters hurtful texts within chats; and even replicate the aforementioned with 11 different languages.

Although there is still a lot to do, Activision has committed to doing its best to combat hate speech, racism, sexism and harassment within its games . To do this, they will invest more resources in the department that is responsible for monitoring the behavior of the players and will even carry out an exhaustive review of their policies, which they will combine with constant communication with their community, as they have been doing.

Activision, in constant fight against cheaters.

Just a few weeks ago, the publisher announced that it had already banned more than 500,000 Call of Duty Warzone players for improper and advantageous behavior. At that time it was emphasized that they were cheating users, although with today’s report it is clear to us that all negative fronts are being attacked.

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  • crazyblackman

    Ive been called “ni**er” and “porch monkey” more than I can ever remember while playing Modern Warfare and the only way to report the racism is to click on “report cheating”. There is no option to report racist behavior in the reporting menu. Now I just record my gameplay so I can expose their toxic behavior on Youtube.

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