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Days Gone: No support for DLSS or ‘ray-tracing’ on PC

Although Days Gone will feature several PC-specific performance and graphics enhancements, Bend Studio has confirmed that it will not be compatible with DLSS ‘at the moment’. It also won’t have ray tracing.

Days Gone, the post-apocalyptic open world game developed by Bend Studio and edited by PlayStation, will arrive on PC on May 18 on both Steam and the Epic Games Store at a price of 49.99 euros in Spain. When it does, it will enjoy a series of technical characteristics specific to this version , but it seems that it will not have two of the most anticipated improvements by computer gamers: it will have neither DLSS nor ray-tracing support.

This has been confirmed by Bend Studio itself in a new FAQ that it has published on its official website . In this question and answer section, the developer explains that Days Gone will not have compatibility with DLSS or ray-tracing on PC , although the first feature says that it will not be compatible “for the moment” , leaving the door open for it to be possible. be in the future. On ray tracing it does not include this clarification, implying that it is a closed decision.

Graphics and performance improvements for Days Gone on PC

Although it does not have either of these two aspects, Days Gone will take advantage of the possibilities of the PC to introduce certain graphical and performance improvements that were not available in its original version for PS4: it will have an improvement of the general texturing of environment and characters, new lighting dynamics, ambient occlusion and improvements in reflections. It will also have compatibility with ultrawide monitors , framerate unlocked to reach up to 60 fps and an improved photo mode with more resolution

Days Gone originally premiered in 2019 exclusively on PS4. It is a very entertaining open world adventure with a great setting that knows how to hook with an interesting story, with tense and fun battles against the monsters, as well as some satisfying motorcycle rides through its beautiful landscapes.

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