Dead Space

Dead Space could return with a new game or a remaster, according to rumors

Two well-known insiders who have previewed a multitude of game announcements in the past have dropped the possibility of a return for the popular horror series Dead Space.

Dead Space is one of the most acclaimed and remembered action and horror sagas of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 generation , but it has not shown signs of life since the launch of its third installment in 2013. Although fans have been calling for years for a return, now two well-known insiders have hinted that it could return in the form of a remastering and perhaps even a completely new game.

Will Dead Space return from the dead?

To be more specific, Nick Baker, a famous industry insider, has said openly on Twitter that he is convinced that Electronic Arts is considering the return of the series: “The more I think about it, the more I think Dead Space has a chance. to come back one day somehow. Maybe with remasters or a sequel. I hope both ways.”

While this could be a simple thought thrown in the air, Jez Corden from Windows Central has responded with a message in which he seems to be implying that there is indeed something going on: ” THAT WOULD BE A PASS, RIGHT, NICK? You know. If that REALLY HAPPENED. It would be A PASS. ”

Corden and Baker have anticipated a multitude of video game commercials in the past before they were produced , leading many fans of the series to think that Dead Space could soon make its triumphant return. Obviously, there is also the possibility that they are simply joking to see the reaction of the players and have fun for a while, so we recommend that you keep your expectations low until something is officially confirmed.

Dead Space is a horror, science fiction and action saga created by Visceral Games in which we had to fight against necromorphs , fearsome creatures that we had to tear apart to kill them. In addition, our character was losing his sanity little by little, causing that many times we did not know if what we were seeing is real or not.

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