Destruction AllStars

Destruction AllStars: Bots, revised playlists and more planned

In an official overview, the developers Lucid Games speak about the upcoming content and updates that the action racing game Destruction AllStars will get in the next few months.

Among other things, bots and revised playlists are promised. After the first season of Destruction AllStars started at the beginning of the month, which brought various new content and challenges with it, the developers at Lucid Games are already working on further improvements.

According to their own statements, the makers of Lucid Games are taking the feedback of the players to heart when working on the next updates and would like to take care of the balancing of “Destruction AllStars”, among other things. This is intended to ensure fair competition in the long term. Other innovations include bots for online games, which are intended to compensate for the fact that at certain times there are not always enough players to fill a lobby completely.

Global parties with friends are made possible

Another new feature that Lucid Games is currently working on is what’s called global parties. The developers explain: “Global parties allow you to team up with friends and to line up in all solo and team modes. It’s something we’ve been investigating for a while. ”At the same time, Lucid Games is looking to redesign the playlist functionality.”

“We want to make it easier for you to choose and match your preferred game modes, so we’re working on an update to playlists and how you can find the game mode you want. Information on how the playlist feature works will follow in the future, ”it says.

The official changelog, which you can find here, tells you what other innovations and optimizations are planned.

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