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Dying Light 2 receives new details about world, history and mechanics

Techland’s game was featured in a new gameplay trailer and will be released on a wide range of platforms on December 7. We bring you new details about Dying Light 2 gameplay and world.

Dying Light 2 , the open world game with parkour and zombies, received a new gameplay yesterday that detailed the release date and the editions in which it will come. Techland’s new game, a direct sequel to the 2015 title, will be released on December 7, 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and PC . In addition, the title will come in three different editions in physical and digital format that we already detailed when the announcement was produced. The gameplay was accompanied by several comments from developers, who provided details about the world and the mechanics.

Dying Light 2 will have story decisions, new enemy types and playable mechanics

The story of Dying Light 2 will take place 15 years after the apocalypse occurred. The virus that was introduced in the first installment has mutated to the point of creating new types of infected and dangers that we will have to face during the course of history. As night falls, new enemy variants will appear. The protagonist we will handle will be Aiden Caldwell , a man who seeks to unravel one of the mysteries of his past. At first we will be alone, but soon we will be welcomed by the Nightrunners, a group of veteran survivors who were in charge of helping people. Even though Aiden You cannot blindly trust them, you will have no choice but to cooperate to survive.

In the video game we will find three main factions, each with its personal struggle to find resources and survive. The world of Dying Light 2 does not have any kind of rules and weakness is punishable by death. Each faction will be radically different, since each one will be made up of very diverse groups of survivors: the common survivors , who try to survive helping each other, the Peacekeepers , a group of soldiers who will try to impose their laws, and the Forsaken , a group of ex-convicts trying to take control of the city. The video game will allow the player to choose sides and take advantage of features at will.

The studio made a promise that the characters will be more complex and with several layers of nuances. The decisions will directly affect the course of the narrative and the environment. Parkour skills are once again present and will provide a very fluid and agile mobility while we go through the scenarios. The game will bring with it a wide range of tools and gadgets to adapt the combat system to our personal style. Are you looking forward to this new title?

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