EA Sports is looking for fans to help update FIFA database

If you have extensive knowledge of football and want to help keep the FIFA database updated, you can become a Data Reviewer and fine-tune the representation of teams and players.

EA Sports has launched an initiative with which it intends to update the database of teams and players of upcoming releases of FIFA, its football simulation saga. He wants to do it by relying on the huge community that this franchise boasts : anyone who wishes can register to become a Data Reviewer voluntarily, that is, without remuneration or obligations, although they may eventually jump to the role of Editor of Data, in which they would obtain a paid contract with more specific tasks.

Those who sign up for this initiative will be tasked with reviewing FIFA player data to ensure that their attributes, traits and tactics , among other things, are correctly represented in the game. Data Reviewers will be able to provide feedback on their favorite teams and players, both strategically and aesthetically , to help their virtual alter ego look as close to the real footballer as possible. The level of detail reaches the level of the players, the number, dribbling attributes, the boots etc.

More than 6000 people are already volunteer Data Reviewers

Currently the FIFA Scouting community is made up of more than 6,000 soccer experts from all over the world . “This role is strictly voluntary, so there are no obligations on your part, but it is an opportunity to channel your inner passion for football and influence the EA Sports FIFA database, ” the company explains on the page where the form to sign up for the initiative is available. They also have an official Twitter account called ‘FIFA Ratings Collective‘ in which updates data published by fans of the video game.

The changes proposed by fans are applied, after being reviewed and without affecting Match Day, to the templates of FIFA 21, the latest installment of the franchise available on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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