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Electronic Arts lets you play one of its titles for free, but with one condition

After a free trial on Knockout City, Electronic Arts has finally decided to let users continue to play for free, but up to a point.

One of the latest releases from Electronic Arts challenges us to discover a new sport within online games. It is a proposal in which the dodgeball plays a great role and that is under the name of Knockout City. This was released so that we had 10 days to play for free. A proposal that many players took full advantage of .

For this reason, the company, seeing the players so willing, chose to let the game be played for free. Of course, with a small condition. And it is that the work will only be free to play until we reach level 25. From this moment, when we get to Street Rank, you will have to buy the game if you want to continue enjoying the proposal.

In this way, we have the opportunity to test together with our friends if a title convinces us enough or not . Of course, once you reach level 25, you will have to consider the purchase. What is clear is that it serves as a perfect entry for players to be encouraged to participate. Better still knowing that they can take all their progress once they acquire the work.

Of course, remember that the game is not only available on PC. It is also possible to play Knockout City on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and, as we said, on PC. In this way you will be able to enjoy a totally unique and fascinating proposal for the players. Different from what we had seen to date.

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