FIFA 22: New Game Feature Leaked in EA Job Listing

This alleged leak was shared by EA in a job posting for FIFA 22, which they later withdrew from it.

A new rumor about FIFA 22 has been running like wildfire on the network of networks for a few hours. Specifically, it is an alleged leak that EA shared in a job offer, and later withdrew from it. This leak is related to one of the FIFA modes that has been most ignored over the years, but that in recent titles has tried to improve and give it a second life: Career Mode.

According to the job posting posted by EA, an online software engineer was being sought to work for the FIFA franchise. Within the list of tasks in which he should work, an ” online career mode ” was mentioned , something that to date we have never seen in the title. Once the job offer began to go viral on the networks, with the supposed new online career mode as the protagonist, EA changed the list of tasks that this employee should perform , and removed the mention of “online career mode” from it.

Having said that, it is worth mentioning that EA was able to remove this new mode from the job posting due to a bug, although it is most likely an unwanted leak . However, we will take the news as a rumor until EA announces this new mode. We will most likely see more information on this at E3 2021.

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