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Frankenstein’s Army director accuses Capcom of plagiarizing

Frankenstein’s Army director accuses Capcom of plagiarizing the design of one of his creatures for Resident Evil Village without authorization.

It is not always easy to find inspiration, especially in a genre as crushed as horror. Getting out of the hat a creature that is original or charismatic is not something that comes out just like that, hence it is usual to be inspired by the classics, contributing other ideas or pulling lesser-known films. And now Capcom has a problem with Resident Evil Village.

It all comes as a result of Richard Raaphorst’s comment from LinkedIn, where the director of the 2013 film Frankenstein’s Army, says that the Japanese company has kidnapped one of his creatures. And without giving him the credit he deserves.

The creature he refers to is the Sturm prototype , that creature that “uses a cheap turbo engine and is impossible to control”, as one of the game documents says. A creature with the head of aircraft propellers that does not stop charging forward and that we must eliminate by taking advantage of its attacks to attack it from behind. A monster that harasses and intimidates us in the final part with Heisenberg, the most powerful hierarch of the terrible mother Miranda.

Raaphorst makes it clear in his letter that all the monsters in his film were created by himself, hence he speaks of “plagiarism and use without authorization or credit” in this Resident Evil Village, sharing these images that speak for themselves of the enormous similar, by way of comparison. Chance? Plagiarism?

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