Horizon II Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West: San Francisco in game vs real city

The sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn, Forbidden West is set in post-apocalyptic San Francisco, and BitAnalyst has compared the city in the video game to real life.

Horizon Forbidden West, the new Guerrilla Games video gamefor PS4 and PS5, was shown in a new gameplay at a State of Play that took place two weeks ago and we could better appreciate the setting of the title . The sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn takes place in the city of San Francisco, which has been reimagined as a post-apocalyptic city. From the studio they have affirmed that we will be able to visit more places besides San Francisco , although at the moment we have not been able to see more. For the curious, the YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits has uploaded a comparison of the city ​​of San Francisco from real life with that of the Guerrilla video game.

Horizon Forbidden West faithfully recreates San Francisco’s most iconic streets and landmarks

BitAnalyst is widely known among the gaming community as it performs numerous technical comparisons and analyzes of video games on all platforms. The user measures the resolutions, frames per second, loading times, effects and everything you can imagine related to the purely technical part . To vary his content a bit, he has decided to make a video that investigates the differences and similarities between the San Francisco from Horizon 2 and the original. In the video you can see locations faithfully recreated for the game and compared with the real locations extracted from Google Street View.

As you can see, the result is very impressive, especially with regard to the level of pampering and attention to detail. Guerrilla Games have done a great job in implementing the most recognizable elements of San Francisco in his post-apocalyptic world. The city of Horizon Forbidden West appears completely devastated by the passage of time and devoured by vegetation, showing that nature has recovered the area that once belonged to it. This new comparison is perfectly complemented by another that appeared last year and in which even more emblematic places appear.

Horizon: Forbidden West isn’t the only video game from an in-house PlayStation studio that tries to successfully recreate a real-world city with a post-apocalyptic twist. The Last of Us Part 2 develops much of its story in an abandoned city ​​of Seattle infested by vegetation. As in the case that concerns us today, ElAnalistaDeBits undertook a comparison, with equally convincing and good results.

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