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Horizon II: Forbidden West showcase a spectacular gameplay on PS5

Guerrilla Games shows more than 14 minutes of gameplay for Horizon II: Forbidden West, although they have not yet revealed the release date.

In a State of Play held a few minutes ago, PlayStation has shown the first gameplay of Horizon 2: Forbidden West, the new installment of the Guerrilla Games saga that, in theory, will be released this year for PS4 and PS5, since they have not given a release date. You can see the video below in 4K quality captured from the PS5 version.

Continuing Aloy’s Adventures

This first gameplay of Horizon: Forbidden West has left us with some of the clues and news of this sequel, which will be set on the West Coast of the United States, in lush environments, being able to see in this video the surroundings of a post-apocalyptic San Francisco. We have been able to see new types of creatures, such as a species of velociraptors as well as a spectacular mammoth , and in this sequel the water will be very important, being able to dive and explore the seabed as well as face new aquatic creatures.

It has also been possible to see improvements in the melee combat system , with a greater number of combos, as well as in the exploration or platform, since we will have a hook to move more agilely through the heights, and we will have a parasail to plan , something that inevitably reminds of the now mythical Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Although many of us expected that they would give a release date today, they have not said anything about it, but at the end of the event Guerrilla Games has posted on Twitter that they still do not have an exact release date, and that we will have news about it soon.

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