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New World MMO shows an idyllic region with a powerful PvP fortress

Amazon’s MMO New World has presented the Windkreis (Windsward) region in more detail in a kind of mini-documentary. There are all kinds of places for players to explore.

In New World you will travel to the mysterious island of Aeternum, which offers plenty of opportunities for voyages of discovery with different regions. Now the developers have published a small sightseeing flight over the Windkreis region.

In the video, a narrator reports on the idyllic landscapes that await you in Windkreis, but also on the dangers that lurk there. Among other things, there is a settlement, a fortress and a mysterious temple.

This is in the Windkreis region

The video shows a varied landscape. From green grasslands, which are ideal for collecting raw materials, you continue to the main settlement of Windkreises. There you will find a small river, a forge and a station where you can make clothes.

You can also visit places like an inn and a tannery. There you can construct ranged weapons or furniture for housing in New World.
It gets a little less idyllic north of the city. There you can enter the Amrhein Temple. But this is not necessarily a good idea for beginners, as the Amrhein excavation is one of the expeditions – a dungeon that should really challenge players.

How about the PvP?

In the northwest of Windkreis you will find Fort Windkreis. This is a fortress in which you can take on other players. The different factions can earn bonuses by taking control of the forts in New World. The video shows that defenders can rely on tools such as bolt-action guns or ballistae, while attackers can take advantage of gaps in the fort’s rear to cheat their way past the fortifications. You can find out exactly how open-world PvP works in New World here.

It also describes the dangers of New World. From the “depraved” who gather on the edge of the region to the dangerous puma, everything is there. Those who don’t want to bother with fighting can instead take out the fishing rod and relax while fishing.

While the video has mainly received positive feedback from the community so far, recently New World had some negative feedback too. The stumbling block was the cash shop, which has come under fire. Most recently, however, the development team made it clear how the shop should work exactly.

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