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No More Heroes 3 reveals new details in extensive trailer

The new and extensive trailer for No More Heroes 3 reveals the new playable features of the next installment of the Suda51 saga, a title that will be released on August 27 on Nintendo Switch.

Marvelous and Grasshopper Manufacture have published a new trailer for No More Heroes 3 in which they break down some aspects of the gameplay of this long-awaited installment, a title that will arrive exclusively on Nintendo Switch on August 27 . This extensive video of almost six minutes in length focuses on explaining characteristics of combat, vehicle control, characters and secondary missions of the new Suda51 game , although at the moment the trailer is only available in Japanese without Spanish subtitles. You can see it under these lines .

Welcome back, Travis Touchdown

The plot of this new installment will take us two years after the events of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes , that peculiar interlude published in 2019 , although its story is designed so that it can be enjoyed even by those people who have not played the previous. Travis Touchdown returns to be the protagonist, obviously, and is planted in Santa Destroy 10 years later discovering that there is a mysterious giant flying object that disturbs the peace of the inhabitants.

At the playable level, No More Heroes 3 maintains as many key elements as new features include: we will once again wield the different types of Beam Katana to massacre the strange alien race with fun movements and combos, although one of the main attractions is in its Death Glove , a new tool that will bring with it powerful abilities such as throwing enemies into the air or slowing down time. Not everything will be fighting, of course, because as usual you will have to pay to access the combats , which will lead us to perform such everyday tasks as mowing the lawn or cleaning the garbage.

o More Heroes 3 will launch on August 27 on Nintendo Switch.

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