• Total War: WARHAMMER 3
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    Total War: WARHAMMER 3 – Explore the dangerous ice world of Kislev

    The dangerous Ice Witches, the monstrous Bear Cavalry and the gigantic Elemental Beasts are some of the enemies that we will find in Total War: WARHAMMER 3. The development studio Creative Assembly announced Total War: Warhammer 3 last February, indicating that this brutal strategy title will debut on PC (Steam) at the end of this 2021. To whet your appetite, the team has allowed us to take an in-depth look at the icy world of Kislev: creatures such as the lethal Ice Witches, the Bear Cavalry or the Elemental Beasts await us on the battlefield. Total War: Warhammer 3: This Is the World of Kislev The kingdom of Kislev, sometimes…

  • The Ascent
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    The Ascent on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One & PC July 29 with Game Pass

    The cyberpunk action RPG – The Ascent – with double stick and cooperative combat shooter for up to four players already has a release date and arrive on day one on Xbox Game Pass. The publisher Curve Digital and the developer Neon Giant have announced the release date of The Ascent: it will be available to the rest of the world on July 29 on PC, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. The co-op action RPG for up to four players will debut on Xbox Game Pass on both console and PC on day one. It can be pre-ordered in the Microsoft Store and on Steam for €…

  • Chivalry 2
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    Chivalry 2 Open Beta on May 27 available for all platforms

    A free open beta of Chivalry 2 will take place next week on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store. A new trailer for the game was featured today. Chivalry 2 will arrive on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and PC on June 8 , but first it will hold across-platform open beta that will be completely free to access. Specifically, this trial period will begin on Thursday, May 27, although the client to play it can be downloaded on all platforms the day before. PlayStation users will be able to access the beta without the need…

  • The Division Heartland
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    The Division Heartland: Ubisoft First Free FPS Gameplay Leaked

    After the announcement of the game a few days ago, a short video presentation of its next closed beta comes to light for The Division Heartland. If a few days ago we were talking to you about Ubisoft’s new Free2Play – The Division Heartland – just a few hours ago a first video of 1:30 minutes was leaked on Twitter, showing for the first time in-game material of the game. Heartland is an open-world action project with survival elements that will arrive sometime between 2021 and 2022 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4 and PS5. As we have been able to know, the game will take…

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    Mass Effect Legendary Edition receives a FOV selector thanks to a mod

    The modding community has released a mod so that Mass Effect Legendary Edition players can adjust the horizontal field of view. Mass Effect Legendary Edition went on sale last Friday to offer us an improved version of one of the best trilogies in the history of science fiction video games. It is a very careful remastering although with its flaws since the community was annoyed at the lack of the possibility of adjusting the horizontal field of view (the FOV option that we can see in many games) leaving a field of 70 by default no possibility of changing it … until now. Luckily for PC gamers the modder community…

  • Rainbow Six Quarantine
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    Ubisoft confirms: Rainbow Six Quarantine to be released before September 30, 2021

    Ubisoft’s new shooter Rainbow Six Quarantine will be released no later than the first week of fall for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S. At E3 2019 Ubisoft presented Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine , the new video game in the Rainbow Six saga that this time bets on cooperative action for three players who must face an alien threat that is threatening the earth. After a while without knowing anything about the launch of the game Ubisoft has now given a deadline during a meeting with the company’s investors in which they have confirmed that Rainbow Six Quarantine will be released before September 30,…

  • Days Gone
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    Enjoy 30 minutes of Days Gone running on a PC at 4K

    Days Gone, the Bend Studio game will be released on PCs on May 18. If you like survival games, zombies and apocalyptic themes, and you are also PC player then enjoy. On May 18, Days Gone will arrive on PC. The controversial Bend Studio title will no longer be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, and will be available on the Steam and Epic Games Store virtual stores. In this way, 28 minutes of gameplay were recently released that let us see how this title runs on this platform. The video shared by GameSpot shows us Days Gone running on a PC with an Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080ti graphics card , an…

  • GeForce NOW
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    GeForce NOW gets Biomutant at launch & confirm more titles

    NVIDIA announces that 15 video games will be added to the cloud service GeForce NOW this week. Up to 61 video games will come to GeForce Now in May. This was announced by NVIDIA recently, when it published a first list of 14 titles . Now, the hardware company has confirmed another new batch, which can be enjoyed throughout this week. In addition, they inform that the new Biomutant will arrive at launch, so we can enjoy it in the cloud from May 25. Florian Emmerich of THQ Nordic (the publisher of Biomutant) said they love that GeForce Now “helps bring this ever-evolving furry creature and its lush world closer…

  • Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2
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    Black Isle Studios to relaunch Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2 on current platforms

    After launching Dark Alliance on consoles, with a PC version that will arrive later, the team confirms that it has its sequel Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2 ‘on the table’. Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance announced by surprise its launch on consoles in recent days. Fans have missed a PC version, but Black Isle Studios has confirmed that it will arrive, although it will do so later.” The PC adaptation of BG: DA is underway and will arrive at the end of this year. We also hope to ensure that it will have online cooperative usingSteam remote play,” says the studio that promises more information soon. Hey all! The PC port…

  • call of duty warzone rambo
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    Call of Duty: Warzone to receive Rambo skin and new bow on May 20

    The great figures of action cinema of the 80s are preparing to join Call of Duty: Warzone, the popular Activision title. John McClane from Die Hard is also aiming for the title. The Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone has brought the map of Verdansk 84 and many other details , immersing players in full Cold War. After welcoming Captain Price from Modern Warfare with a look set in the 80s, there are more skins on the way: specifically, those dedicated to the great characters of action cinema of the time. John Rambo, without going any further, is preparing to debut in Warzone on May 20 , accompanied by…