• Persona 6
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    Persona 6 might not be a PlayStation exclusive

    Rumors that Atlus might be developing Persona 6 came in a while ago, but since then we haven’t heard much more about the next installment in the franchise. However, according to a new rumor, the distribution company -SEGA- seems to have plans to bring Persona 6 to more ecosystems, moving away from the exclusivity of PlayStation. SEGA Vice President Shuji Utsumi said during an interview with Famitsu that the launch of Yakuza: Like a Dragon was very successful in 2020, and that in part he considered that this success was due to the fact that the game was launched in a multiplatform way. same time. This is the point at…

  • PlayStation
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    PlayStation offers free DLC for games on PS5 and PS4

    Rocket League, Call of Duty: Warzone, Warframe and more will receive free DLC on PlayStation PS5 and PS4 as part of the Play at Home promotion – dates and content. PlayStation announces a new wave of free items as part of the Play At Home promotion. The program has so far offered games at no additional cost, such as the Ratchet & Clank Reboot and Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition . In this way, from May 18 we will see the arrival of several DLC for the main multiplayer titles of the moment. Free content for PS5 and PS4 Games like Rocket League, NBA 2K21, Rogue Company and Call of…

  • nascar heat 5
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    NASCAR Heat 5 physical edition now available for pre-order

    GAME opens reservations for the physical edition of NASCAR Heat 5 for PS4, a version that will go on sale on September 18. NASCAR Heat 5, the latest installment in this acclaimed racing sim franchise, is coming soon with a physical edition that will be available exclusively on GAME. This edition will go on sale on September 18 and can now be reserved through this link. New game modes and official licenses NASCAR Heat 5 is the official video game of this series car competition, the best known in the world, and it takes us to participate in the NASCAR Cup Series 2020 being able to choose between all the…

  • Guilty Gear Strive
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    Guilty Gear Strive second beta opens May 13

    Guilty Gear Strive second open beta test will launch on May 13 and will include the full in-game roster of 15 characters, new balance changes, and multiple modes for players to try their luck. The beta version will launch precisely at 8pm PT / 11pm ET on May 13 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and players will be able to download the beta now. Players who still have the previous beta version installed from earlier this year do not need to download a new client again; it will simply be updated to the latest version. Cross-platform play will be enabled between PS4 and PS5 users. PlayStation Plus is not…

  • call of duty warzone rambo
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    Call of Duty: Warzone to receive Rambo skin and new bow on May 20

    The great figures of action cinema of the 80s are preparing to join Call of Duty: Warzone, the popular Activision title. John McClane from Die Hard is also aiming for the title. The Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone has brought the map of Verdansk 84 and many other details , immersing players in full Cold War. After welcoming Captain Price from Modern Warfare with a look set in the 80s, there are more skins on the way: specifically, those dedicated to the great characters of action cinema of the time. John Rambo, without going any further, is preparing to debut in Warzone on May 20 , accompanied by…

  • Shadow Warrior 3
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    Shadow Warrior 3: Violence and gore in latest gameplay trailers

    Shadow Warrior 3 reappears with violence and gore in a couple of gameplay trailers. We had not heard from Shadow Warrior 3 for almost a whole year, since its 17-minute gameplay, so Devolver Digital wanted to remind that the new installment of the Flying Wild Hog saga is still in development. For this, he has published a couple of new videos that once again make it clear why this title will be one of the most violent that we will see in 2021. Both trailers focus on offering us a preview of a couple of levels of the game in which at certain moments we will be involved as in…

  • Biomutant
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    Biomutant: Gameplay can reach 65 hours if you are a completionist

    But for those players who want to complete Biomutant quickly, completing it will take 12-15 hours. It will be available this coming May 25 on PC and consoles. Biomutant is preparing to debut around the world on May 25, at which time it will be launched on both PC and PS4 and Xbox One. Developed by Experiment 101 and THQ Nordic, the title immerses us in a post-apocalyptic world where we will have to embody anthropomorphic animal, which we can genetically mutate. Its scenarios will be open , and today we learned a little more about its duration: if your intention is to complete the game quickly, that will take…