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PS5 will receive two new DualSense in red and black colors on June 18

Two new DualSense for PS5 will arrive next month in stores around the world, including Spanish ones: Cosmic Red and Midnight Black, the first in red and the second totally black.

This month marks six months since the launch of PS5, and coinciding with this milestone, two new DualSense models have been announced. It has been announced by PlayStation with an article on their official blog in which it shows the two new colors for the peripheral: Cosmic Red and Midnight Black. Both will be available on June 18 in regular stores.

Cosmic Red, the new red DualSense , maintains the color division of the original white model: the bottom, including the joysticks , remains black, while the side parts and the touch front panel now have a new shade of crimson. Midnight Black, on the other hand, is the first PS5 controller to feature only one color: black. The action buttons and the crosshead also maintain the color of each of the designs, leaving aside the traditional colors of the PlayStation buttons. You can see a trailer of the two new DualSense below:

Two new galaxy-inspired colors

The presentation article for these two new peripherals also includes words from Leo Cardoso and Satoshi Aoyagi, members of the PS5 design team on PlayStation. The first explains that they have chosen these two colors after an “extensive selection process” in which they mainly sought to “surprise the fans.” The theme of these two DualSense is “galaxy”, explains Cardoso, while Aoyagi highlights the harmony between these new colors and the original PS5 design, all united by a “subtle blue” that serves as the brand’s identity.

Obviously, these DualSense also have the haptic technologies that Sony’s new generation control has shown so much: adaptive triggers, high definition vibration, integrated microphone … We talked about all these details in our PS5 analysis , where we highlighted the innovation of the device “both for its capabilities and for the shape of the remote control and its materials, being very comfortable and pleasant to the touch”, concluding that “it is the greatest revolution in a Sony remote control”.

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