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Riot Games announces Valorant Mobile, a first step in the series expansion

Valorant Mobile, the tactical shooter will reach mobile devices, although it has not been specified when it will be available or the platforms on which it will appear.

Riot Games has announced Valorant Mobile, an adaptation of the “same competitive experience” to mobile phones around the world of the free tactical shooter released on PC just one year ago: on June 2, 2020. The company celebrates the first anniversary of its title confirming the intention of expanding the saga beyond the computer game.

The Los Angeles development team has not given any specific details about this Valorant Mobile : no release date, no platforms (it is expected that it will come out on both iOS and Android). If we look at the company’s previous games, they have been released in betas that have been opened by territories. For example, League of Legends: Wild Rift launched its beta in Southeast Asia in September, arrived in Spain in December, and expanded to America this March.

The press release shared by Riot, however, makes it clear that the mobile game is a first step : “With a growing support for Valorant, Riot is now preparing to expand the franchise, starting with Valorant Mobile, with the aim that more players around the world enjoy Valorant. ”

The other great Riot saga, LoL , has had parallel games (Legends of Runeterra) and comics, will be expanded with independent titles such as Ruined King: A League of Legends Story and will have an animated series on Netflix . Not to mention the numerous musical collaborations between LoL characters and world stars.

More than 14 million monthly players

One year after the release of version 1.0 of Valorant , the tactical shooter has more than 14 million monthly players . In total, more than 500 million games have been played since the closed beta was launched in April 2020. During this June, Riot will be giving away rewards for the game and will present several initiatives: there will be commemorative digital loot (like this player card) and a free event pass.

“One of our main goals this year was to earn the trust and respect of the global FPS gaming community,” explains Anna Donlon, Executive Producer, in a press release. “Seeing that our growing community of players recognize and appreciate what we are trying to do with VALORANT goes beyond what we had imagined, and we can’t wait to bring the same competitive VALORANT experience to even more players around the world.” .

Valorant will receive a new agent in update 3.0, which if plans do not change, will reach the rest of the world this June.

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