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Shadow Warrior 3: Violence and gore in latest gameplay trailers

Shadow Warrior 3 reappears with violence and gore in a couple of gameplay trailers.

We had not heard from Shadow Warrior 3 for almost a whole year, since its 17-minute gameplay, so Devolver Digital wanted to remind that the new installment of the Flying Wild Hog saga is still in development. For this, he has published a couple of new videos that once again make it clear why this title will be one of the most violent that we will see in 2021.

Both trailers focus on offering us a preview of a couple of levels of the game in which at certain moments we will be involved as in a kind of battle arena in which enemies will not stop emerging from everywhere. In this way the rhythm is the most frenetic because we can see that it will be necessary to be constantly distributing shots and at the same time dodge the impacts thanks to a movement system that will grant enormous freedom.

In many moments it remembers DOOM Eternal for its bloody gameplay , but the truth is that the new Shadow Warrior also has its touch of crazy humor. The same is appreciated when we see that we will have the opportunity to tear off parts of the bodies of the demons and use them to our advantage, such as an eye that acts as a projectile and freezes everything around it or another that acts as a guided missile.

As if that were not enough, Lo Wang will have a grapple, a sword, firearms galore, special abilities and even finishing moves with which he will unleash a real carnage. In fact, even in these infernal battle arenas you can interact with the stage with deadly traps.

All of this will give players a multitude of ways to plan a strategy that allows them to live to tell the tale. The only thing we are not clear about is when it will happen, because at the moment Shadow Warrior 3 still does not specify the exact day on which it will arrive this year on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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