Super Mario Golf: Super Rush
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Super Mario Golf: Super Rush – Characters list and new modes

Mario’s new golf video game, Super Mario Golf: Super Rush, will go on sale at the end of next month and shows interesting news in this new trailer.

Super Mario Golf: Super Rush was first introduced during the Nintendo Direct last February. The new installment of the sports spin-off of Super Mario will be launched on June 25, 2021 exclusively for Nintendo Switch and will have several game modes and playable characters. In order to warm up engines, Nintend o has published a new trailer that shows the list of characters that will be available and new game modes.

Super Mario Golf: Super Rush will have 16 playable characters and a variety of 4 very different game modes.

Regarding the gameplay, Nintendo has developed the game so that it can be played alone or with company, although it has a great emphasis on cooperative family play. Controls are customizable and will use both the keypad of Joy-Con as motion control. In addition, the game will have a series of techniques and indicators to make the experience more complete and that it is not simply a matter of aiming, choosing the force of the shot and making the ball fly. Some of these techniques are, for example, curving the shots to have an effect and thus avoid obstacles.

Super Mario Golf

The character selection will be very generous, as players will be able to choose from a total of 16 characters from the world of the Mushroom Kingdom . Each character will have their own strengths, weaknesses, and special moves , so it will be the player’s job to try out the different characters until they find the one that best suits their play style. As unpublished characters in the Mario Golf saga , we find Pauline , Placapum and King Bob-omb . The maximum number of characters and players allowed in the same game is up to 3 in both local and online modes.

Super Mario Golf

The variety of modes is one of the greatest virtues of this new Mario Golf title. There will be a total of 4 main game modes : Quick Golf, Golf Battle, Traditional Golf and Golf Adventure.
Quick Golf is a new mode that consists of throwing the characters in unison and the one who manages to get the ball first wins. In this mode there will be all kinds of obstacles, objects to collect and different special movements can be used. Golf Battle is a more frenetic variant of the previous mode in which nine holes are played at the same time and whoever gets three holes wins. Traditional golf is the one that most closely resembles the conventional game. Golf Adventure will be played alone and essentially consists of overcoming a series of challenges while we meet characters from the Mushroom Kingdom, improve our skills and abilities, level up and go from being novices to becoming professionals.

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