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Super Nintendo World: One of the Upcoming Areas of Nintendo Park Leaked

Nintendo’s amusement park continues to have big plans for the future, a new leak shows.

We had to wait a long time, but finally Super Nintendo World has opened its doors. Of course, with the occasional temporary stop due to the situation due to the pandemic. However, from start to finish it has been the dream of many players who are still waiting impatiently for the possibility of approaching the place to live the adventures in the style of Super Mario.

But Mario would not only have his closest friends close by, but even those who started out as enemies could also be present at the attractions. This is at least indicated by a new leaked concept art in which it is said that the next attraction that would be introduced in the park would be carried out by Donkey Kong , being one of his great returns.

Of course, since it is a proposal that is still in the conceptual art phase, it is unknown how long it would take to integrate. But what is clear is that the company has something big on its hands, although for now there is little information about it. So, in the meantime, we can only get to know the attractions that are already available.

On the reason why this attraction would be released, although many think that they are limited to being simply a coincidence, others relate it to the new game that is rumored . A way to prepare players to enjoy the license in a totally unique way and that would guarantee the return of one of the most important and beloved characters.

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