• No More Heroes 3
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    No More Heroes 3 reveals new details in extensive trailer

    The new and extensive trailer for No More Heroes 3 reveals the new playable features of the next installment of the Suda51 saga, a title that will be released on August 27 on Nintendo Switch. Marvelous and Grasshopper Manufacture have published a new trailer for No More Heroes 3 in which they break down some aspects of the gameplay of this long-awaited installment, a title that will arrive exclusively on Nintendo Switch on August 27 . This extensive video of almost six minutes in length focuses on explaining characteristics of combat, vehicle control, characters and secondary missions of the new Suda51 game , although at the moment the trailer is…

  • Monster Hunter Stories 2
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    Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin revealed in a new trailer for Switch

    Monster Hunter Stories 2 unveiled a new trailer at last night’s Summer Game Fest and will be reappearing at the Capcom Showcase on June 14. Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, the new installment in the spin-off series of Capcom’s monster hunter saga, could be seen again in a new trailer at Summer Game Fest 2021. The new advance previews some of the creatures that we will be able to see throughout the adventure and the characters that we will be able to meet in it. Also detailed are some of the Deluxe version incentives and the official amiibo that will be available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Monster Hunter…

  • Alba A Wildlife Adventure
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    Alba: A Wildlife Adventure arrive June 9 on all consoles

    Indie studio ustwo games has announced that Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, its adorable green adventure set on a Mediterranean island, is coming to consoles next week. Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, ustwo games’ adorable independent work set on a Spanish-inspired Mediterranean island, will arrive on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch next week, specifically on Wednesday, June 9. This has been announced by those in charge through their official accounts on social networks, where they have also shown a new trailer of the game and informed that it can already be reserved on some platforms. Specifically, this title can now be reserved in both the…

  • Super Nintendo World
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    Super Nintendo World: One of the Upcoming Areas of Nintendo Park Leaked

    Nintendo’s amusement park continues to have big plans for the future, a new leak shows. We had to wait a long time, but finally Super Nintendo World has opened its doors. Of course, with the occasional temporary stop due to the situation due to the pandemic. However, from start to finish it has been the dream of many players who are still waiting impatiently for the possibility of approaching the place to live the adventures in the style of Super Mario. But Mario would not only have his closest friends close by, but even those who started out as enemies could also be present at the attractions. This is at…

  • crysis 2
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    Crysis 2 Remastered: Crytek shows first image

    Crysis 2 Remastered would have similar graphical enhancements to Crysis Remastered, released last year, which tweaked lighting, added ray-tracing, and more. Crytek had hinted on social networks that Crysis 2 Remastered would be announced soon, and as a preview has presented an image where we can see what would be his first capture . After the launch last year of Crysis Remastered , which updated the original to modern platforms – PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch – with certain graphic improvements in resolution, textures and lighting, the developer would have the intention of remastering the trilogy in a way staggered. An official presentation is expected in the coming…

  • Super Bomberman R Online
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    Super Bomberman R Online is coming to PC, PS4 & Switch on May 27

    Konami will announce the launch date for Super Bomberman R Online on Xbox One later, but the Google Stadia exclusive will cease to be this month when the ‘free to play’ is launched on the rest of the platforms. The publisher and developer Konami Digital Entertainment has announced that Super Bomberman R Online will be released on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on May 27 for free as free to play; the release date for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S version will be announced later. Super Bomberman Online R was released in September 2020 as an exclusive game Google Stadia. It was an adaptation…

  • rustler
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    Rustler, the medieval GTA on PC and consoles August 31

    After a few months in early access on Steam, this aerial perspective action open world Rustler is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch on August 31. The developer Jutsu Games and the publisher Modus Games announced today that Rustler , known as “GTA in the Middle Ages” , will end its early access phase on August 31st. This means that in addition to being available on Steam, a platform to which its early access is exclusive right now, it will also arrive that day on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. Rustler allows us to…

  • Super Mario Golf: Super Rush
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    Super Mario Golf: Super Rush – Characters list and new modes

    Mario’s new golf video game, Super Mario Golf: Super Rush, will go on sale at the end of next month and shows interesting news in this new trailer. Super Mario Golf: Super Rush was first introduced during the Nintendo Direct last February. The new installment of the sports spin-off of Super Mario will be launched on June 25, 2021 exclusively for Nintendo Switch and will have several game modes and playable characters. In order to warm up engines, Nintend o has published a new trailer that shows the list of characters that will be available and new game modes. Super Mario Golf: Super Rush will have 16 playable characters and…

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    Hotline Miami Collection will release physically for Switch & PS4

    The Hotline Miami Collection, which was published digitally in 2019, will subsequently be physically published for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Both versions are already listed on Amazon , and you can even pre-order the switch version. According to Amazon, the release is planned for July 16, 2021. The Hotline Miami Collection includes Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. A physical, limited release of a Switch version of the collection was already available at Special Reverse Games. The new release is probably available in large stores, as the Amazon listing shows. According to the product description, both games are on disc or cartridge. In addition, this publication contains…

  • New Pokémon Snap
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    New Pokémon Snap debuts in Japan as the best-selling game

    New Pokémon Snap, Monster Hunter Rise and Resident Evil 8: Village have been the three best-selling titles of the last two weeks in Japan. Nintendo Switch has once again been the most acquired console. Famitsu has published its estimate of video game and console sales in Japan, this time for two weeks: from April 26 to May 9. This period has been one strongly marked by new releases, specifically that of three great games: New Pokémon Snap, Resident Evil 8: Village and Returnal. Precisely New Pokémon Snap has been the best-selling game of this period with more than 190,000 units in its first 10 days on the market. Second place…