• Terra Nil
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    Terra Nil an environmental management game challenges us to restore the planet

    Terra Nil is a new game from Free Lives, an independent studio responsible for games like Broforce or Genital Jousting. Although it does not have a release date, it will have a demo on June 16 on Steam. Independent publisher Devolver Digital and developer Free Lives have announced their new collaborative game: Terra Nil , a “reverse city-building game that pursues ecosystem restoration , ” according to its official description. In this title of strategy we will have to create our own settlement, but instead of doing it to exploit the natural resources that are around us, the objective will be to repopulate the flora and fauna of the scene.…

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    Hotline Miami Collection will release physically for Switch & PS4

    The Hotline Miami Collection, which was published digitally in 2019, will subsequently be physically published for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Both versions are already listed on Amazon , and you can even pre-order the switch version. According to Amazon, the release is planned for July 16, 2021. The Hotline Miami Collection includes Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. A physical, limited release of a Switch version of the collection was already available at Special Reverse Games. The new release is probably available in large stores, as the Amazon listing shows. According to the product description, both games are on disc or cartridge. In addition, this publication contains…

  • Shadow Warrior 3
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    Shadow Warrior 3: Violence and gore in latest gameplay trailers

    Shadow Warrior 3 reappears with violence and gore in a couple of gameplay trailers. We had not heard from Shadow Warrior 3 for almost a whole year, since its 17-minute gameplay, so Devolver Digital wanted to remind that the new installment of the Flying Wild Hog saga is still in development. For this, he has published a couple of new videos that once again make it clear why this title will be one of the most violent that we will see in 2021. Both trailers focus on offering us a preview of a couple of levels of the game in which at certain moments we will be involved as in…