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    FIFA 22: New Game Feature Leaked in EA Job Listing

    This alleged leak was shared by EA in a job posting for FIFA 22, which they later withdrew from it. A new rumor about FIFA 22 has been running like wildfire on the network of networks for a few hours. Specifically, it is an alleged leak that EA shared in a job offer, and later withdrew from it. This leak is related to one of the FIFA modes that has been most ignored over the years, but that in recent titles has tried to improve and give it a second life: Career Mode. According to the job posting posted by EA, an online software engineer was being sought to work…

  • Dead Space

    Dead Space could return with a new game or a remaster, according to rumors

    Two well-known insiders who have previewed a multitude of game announcements in the past have dropped the possibility of a return for the popular horror series Dead Space. Dead Space is one of the most acclaimed and remembered action and horror sagas of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 generation , but it has not shown signs of life since the launch of its third installment in 2013. Although fans have been calling for years for a return, now two well-known insiders have hinted that it could return in the form of a remastering and perhaps even a completely new game. Will Dead Space return from the dead? To be…

  • Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered
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    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered hits EA Play and Xbox Game Pass this month

    Electronic Arts has confirmed that Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered, one of its most beloved games will arrive in a few days. In November of last year, Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit Remastered arrived, a remake of one of the most beloved installments of EA’s speed saga. Tuning and police chases, but with improvements in the visual and technical section to make the final result more spectacular. If you were waiting for it to drop in price to buy it, what we tell you may interest you. EA has confirmed on social networks that the game will activate nitrous oxide and will be available in the EA Play subscription…

  • Knockout City
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    Electronic Arts lets you play one of its titles for free, but with one condition

    After a free trial on Knockout City, Electronic Arts has finally decided to let users continue to play for free, but up to a point. One of the latest releases from Electronic Arts challenges us to discover a new sport within online games. It is a proposal in which the dodgeball plays a great role and that is under the name of Knockout City. This was released so that we had 10 days to play for free. A proposal that many players took full advantage of . For this reason, the company, seeing the players so willing, chose to let the game be played for free. Of course, with a…

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    EA Sports is looking for fans to help update FIFA database

    If you have extensive knowledge of football and want to help keep the FIFA database updated, you can become a Data Reviewer and fine-tune the representation of teams and players. EA Sports has launched an initiative with which it intends to update the database of teams and players of upcoming releases of FIFA, its football simulation saga. He wants to do it by relying on the huge community that this franchise boasts : anyone who wishes can register to become a Data Reviewer voluntarily, that is, without remuneration or obligations, although they may eventually jump to the role of Editor of Data, in which they would obtain a paid contract…

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    Mass Effect Legendary Edition receives a FOV selector thanks to a mod

    The modding community has released a mod so that Mass Effect Legendary Edition players can adjust the horizontal field of view. Mass Effect Legendary Edition went on sale last Friday to offer us an improved version of one of the best trilogies in the history of science fiction video games. It is a very careful remastering although with its flaws since the community was annoyed at the lack of the possibility of adjusting the horizontal field of view (the FOV option that we can see in many games) leaving a field of 70 by default no possibility of changing it … until now. Luckily for PC gamers the modder community…

  • Stadia

    Stadia will receive more than 100 games throughout 2021

    Google want their video game streaming platform Stadia to remain in top shape despite its low popularity. In addition, they will continue to add new games and improvements. Google Stadia has not exactly enjoyed great popularity since its launch. The gaming platform streaming from Google emerged as one of the first services of this style with a great company like support to offer more alternatives to users. On their website you can find more information about what Stadia offers to users. Broadly speaking, you have at your disposal a 1-month free trial that, at the end, automatically activates the monthly fee of 9.99 euros. Among the selection of games are…