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Terra Nil an environmental management game challenges us to restore the planet

Terra Nil is a new game from Free Lives, an independent studio responsible for games like Broforce or Genital Jousting. Although it does not have a release date, it will have a demo on June 16 on Steam.

Independent publisher Devolver Digital and developer Free Lives have announced their new collaborative game: Terra Nil , a “reverse city-building game that pursues ecosystem restoration , ” according to its official description. In this title of strategy we will have to create our own settlement, but instead of doing it to exploit the natural resources that are around us, the objective will be to repopulate the flora and fauna of the scene.

At the moment it has not been specified when the final version of this project will be launched or on which platforms it will be launched, although it has been reported that it will have a free and open trial at Steam Next Fest , the demo festival of the digital store that will be It will be held on Friday, June 16 at 7:00 p.m. and will remain active until June 22 at the same time. You can watch the first trailer for Terra Nil below.

Hand-painted and procedurally generated scenery

As you can see, this game will have the usual isometric perspective of management and strategy games, although it will bet on a somewhat more casual hand-painted visual style that focuses on the glorification of ecosystem restoration. In Terra Nil our mission will be to bring life back to a procedurally generated post-apocalyptic scenario, but with different geographical regions with their own characteristics and, therefore, with their own challenges, flora and fauna.

Terra Nil will allow us to establish ecological buildings in devastated areas to bring back the greenery of nature, and for this we will have to go through several phases of restoration such as the cultivation of biodiversity, the regulation of the climate or the recycling of buildings. Of course, we will have to deal with unique weather patterns for each of the different regions, although while we do so we will enjoy a meditative soundtrack and a detailed palette of sounds.

Free Lives dares to step out of its comfort zone with this project, although honestly it is not a very limited one: this independent studio is known, above all, for Broforce , its lighthearted arcade pixel art shooter, and Genital Jousting, a game in the that we control a penis trying to fit in other genitals. They have also worked on GORN, a curious and graphic gladiator game in VR.

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