What are the worst and best BioWare games according to critics?

We review more than 25 years of BioWare history through the average score that the specialized press has given to their projects.

Yesterday, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition for PS4, Xbox One and PC arrived in worldwide stores, a collection with the three titles of BioWare’s science fiction games that, in addition to compiling the original trilogy, also carries out an in-depth review graphic, technical and playable to give it a modernized look.

On the occasion of this long-awaited premiere, we wanted to remember more than 25 years of BioWare history, a developer that began its journey in the video game industry with Shattered Steel, a mecha simulator published in 1996 for computers. Throughout this quarter of a century, the studio -now part of Electronic Arts- has been perfecting a formula that, although with ups and downs, has earned the favor of both the public and the critics.

And precisely using the critical evaluations we want to review the catalog of this famous game company. Going to Metacritic we can check which are the best and worst rated games by the specialized press; Below you can see the five BioWare titles that have the best rating , always choosing the platform in which it has received the most criticism and ordered from highest to lowest average:

Mass Effect 2 (2010, Xbox 360) – 96
Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn (2000, PC) – 95
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003, PC) – 93
Mass Effect 3 (2012, Xbox 360) – 93
Baldur’s Gate (1998, PC) – 91

It should be noted, however, that fifth place is highly contested: there is a technical tie between Baldur’s Gate, which appears in the ranking for being the oldest of all, and three other titles, specifically Neverwinter Nights (2002, PC), Mass Effect (2007, Xbox 360) and the recently released Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (2021, Xbox One). All of these games have an average score of 91 on Metacritic.

The notorious five worst-rated BioWare games

At the other end of the table, below you can see the five BioWare games that are worst rated by critics , also taking into account the platform with the most scores, although this time ordered from lowest note to highest note:

Anthem (2019, PC) – 59
Mass Effect Andromeda (2017, PS4) – 71
Sonic Chronicles: The Sinister Brotherhood (2008, Nintendo DS) – 74
Dragon Age II (2011, Xbox 360) – 79
Jade Empire (2005, PC) – 81

Among the five best valued and the five worst valued are some titles that have not been badly received by critics either, such as Dragon Age Origins (2009, Xbox 360) with an average score of 86, Dragon Age Inquisition (2014, PC) with a score of 85 and MDK 2 (2000, PC) which has a mean score of 83.

What is clear is that the latest release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has made a place among the best BioWare projects, an essential product that offers one of the best trilogies in the history of video games in a luxurious packaging.

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